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The HECMA Library

How It Works

Items in the Library are shared by members for members. While we hold the values of Shared Resources & Collaborative Networking, we also value the professional expertise each of you bring to advancing our knowledge, our field, and our practice. To that end, if you incorporate information or materials developed or presented by a colleague or provided as part of our Roundtable archive, our expectation is that you note or cite the source (in APA format as appropriate).

When submitting material to the library, such as Powerpoints, please include any reference page as an attachment or incorporated into a last slide. We want to ensure that the core presentation and any sources used, stay linked.

Expanding Our Library

If you see a topic or folder that you have an item or sample to contribute, please submit that attachment here. Please include the date/year of the document in your file name as well as your last name or institution.

Due to the volume of the library, we encourage you to seek the most current version of documents. Older documents may provide you ideas, wording and history of the field. Please also recognize that we are now 10 years into our field so people, positions, and processes are changing. Colleagues at institutions may not be able to respond to questions about older documents.

Any questions regarding the library and its contents can be directed to

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