News & Events

Conferences, Webinars, Drive-ins, and Exhibit Opportunities are key ways that HECMA works towards enhancing best practices, developing professional support networks, and highlighting challenges and solutions for those in the field doing the incredible work of case management on university and college campuses across North America.


Let us know what you’re doing in your state or region! If you are hosting a Drive-in Conference or local meeting, let us know, and consult with us about helping with your on-line registration process and publicizing your event. The Director of Communications ( and VP of Conferences ( are happy to collaborate with you.

Please share information about your drive-in with us here: Drive-in and Local Meeting Notification Form

HECMA On the Road

Members of HECMA are often presenting at National, Regional or Local Conferences. If you are presenting at a conference on HECM-related needs, let us know at!

Conference Meet-Ups

Are you planning to attend any local or national conferences this year? Would you be interested in helping to coordinate a case manager “meet-up” at that conference? The Conference and Special Events Committee is looking for HECMA members who are attending conferences and would be willing to act as a point person to help organize small-scale events for fellow case managers who may be attending the same conferences. These events could be breakfasts, happy hours, or simple meet-and-greets occurring before or after the daily conference sessions.

Are you planning on attending a conference and would like to meet up with other HECMA colleagues there? Let us know at, and also be sure to post about it on the HECMA discussion forum and on HECMA social media!