Case Management Foundations

Each year, HECMA offers Case Management Foundations. In 2023, we look forward to hosting virtual Foundations on March 22 – 23, 12-3:30pm (EST). Registeration for this Foundations has closed. Information for future sessions will be emailed. For more information, email

Join HECMA Faculty as they provide an in-depth look at the core foundations and standards of case management in higher education including the historical evolution of the field, review of core tenets, principles, and best practices of case management, and dialogue about current issues, trends, and challenges that we are managing in our roles. Attendees will be invited to listen to and engage with other case managers and leaders in our field, and build a solid foundation on which to support our students.

Topics include equity and inclusion in case management, assessment, campus partnerships, introduction of CAS standards, and student development theory. Meet the HECMA Faculty here.