Leadership Team

2020-2021 HECMA Leadership Team

​Please note that HECMA is a professional association whose Leadership Team members are engaged in full-time roles at universities and colleges across North America. In order to ensure our work-association balance, please use email as your primary source of communication. Arrangements for phone consultation will be made as needed after that web-based contact.Thank you for your understanding.

Carrie Smith, PhD (she/her)
Melanie McKoin Owens (she/her)
Vice President, Conferences and Special Events
Christine Ferguson
Clinical Case Manager at Large
Glen Harris, Jr.
Non-Clinical Case Manager at Large
Brenda Anderson Wadley (she/her)
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Megan Higginbotham (she/her)
Director of Communications & Marketing
Suzie Baker (she/her)
Finance Director
Laurel Donley

Our work in higher education case management continues to provide the higher education community with multiple ways of understanding how distress impacts individuals and their institutions of higher learning and the supports needed to buoy success. Further, with roles in clinical practice settings, student services, behavior intervention teams or elsewhere, we represent a cross-section of perspectives that in working together can shape the direct services provided and policies developed to reduce risk to individuals and their living and learning environments in post-secondary settings. To quote Ashley Blamey (HECMA’s first president), “We are the architects of our own work.”

The Leadership Team strives to continue its efforts in broadening the HECMA footprint to meet the professional and practice needs of our field.

Did you know?


HECMA also has an intern! In 2019 we were supported by Ansley Long, who has chronicled her experiences working with HECMA on her student site. You can visit her student site here.

Ansley writes, “Upon deciding to enroll in the College Student Affairs Administration (CSAA) program at the University of Georgia, I accepted an assistantship in Student Care and Outreach, where I first discovered the field of Higher Education Case Management. While serving in this position, my supervisor introduced me to HECMA, and I was then given the opportunity to serve as the organization’s first intern! Through working with the leadership team, attending the annual conference in Cleveland, OH, and living in Winston-Salem, NC, my interest in this area of Student Affairs and Higher Education was affirmed. Since then, I have accepted a full-time job at the University of Georgia as a Student Affairs Case Manager. In this role, I offer comprehensive care to students with a variety of concerns and coordinate individualized interventions that support their success. Additionally, I provide support to the Embark@UGA program, a campus based initiative which supports students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness. As I look back, I am thankful for the role that HECMA and its members have played in my professional development over the last year. As graduation approaches in May, I look forward to continuing to contribute and grow with HECMA & through this area of higher education!”