Our Committees

HECMA Committees are led by members of the Leadership Team. Our Committees typically meet by conference telephone calls on a monthly basis to develop goals and accomplish the work of the Association. The HECMA Leadership Team may also establish special ad-hoc committees as needed to sustain the function of the Association. Learn more by clicking below.

Clinical Case Manager Committee
The HECMA Clinical Case Manager Committee works to provide support to the HECMA members who identify as clinical providers by promoting and enhancing services and opportunities specifically for clinical members. This committee works to identify and address the needs of clinical case management professionals in a variety of roles and at different points in their careers by providing ideas for publications and conference presentations, opportunities for intentional engagement of clinical peers and focusing on the common needs of clinical case managers.

Name and Contact
Christine Ferguson, clinicalcm@hecma.org

Conference Committee
The HECMA Conference Committee aims to support the networking and professional development needs of members through the coordination of the annual conference and collaboration on special events, regional drive-ins, and state meetings. Committee members commit to attend monthly meetings to organize group tasks and provide updates on subcommittee goals. Subcommittees include: proposal review, social and accommodations, and administration and marketing.

Name and Contact
Melanie McKoin Ownens, conference@hecma.org

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee
The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee  holds the purpose of strengthening HECMA’s commitment to DEI through intentional and culturally relevant policies, programming, and resources. DEI works to improve networking opportunities and personal development for members through the creation and implementation of affinity groups and resources based on reported member identities.

Name and Contact
Brenda Anderson Wadley, diversity@hecma.org

Finance Committee
Of the utmost importance for the HECMA Finance Committee is garnering an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the equitable interests of our membership in partnership with our diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, and membership and recruitment committee. This must center the needs of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) members and BIPOC-serving members to ensure that funding for professional growth and support for underrepresented populations is a priority, as we seek to foster an inclusive, accessible, and equitable organization that intrinsically engages in practices grounded in social justice.

  • Work as an advisory committee to develop deliverable and tangible policies and procedures that determine prioritization of spending that align with HECMA’s mission, vision, and goals as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, outline clear fiscal decision-making practices, and determine internal business processes related to spending and reimbursement.
  • Work with other HECMA sub-committees to set goals for corporate sponsorship, identify mission-aligned contributors, and source opportunities for additional revenue building with a purview to providing services and support requested by our membership.

Name and Contact
Suzie Baker, finance@hecma.org

Non Clinical Case Manager Committee

Name and Contact
Glen Harris, nonclinicalcm@hecma.org