HECMA Connections Program

Are you interested in mentorship? Or looking to connect with other members of HECMA? If the answer to either is “yes” consider joining the *NEW* HECMA Connections Program. The program purpose is to strengthen the connection between HECMA members. The program is open to both clinical and non-clinical members and is intended to be a virtual support space to share ideas, resources, and feedback.

Why should you join the Connections Program?

Low time commitment with virutal meetins just once a month.

Small, region-based, groups of 10-12 members.

Open to both clinical and non-clinical HECMA members.

Opportunitiy to create and strengthen connections with other HECMA members.

Opportunity to created and strengthen conenctions with other HECMA members through the sharing of ideas, resources, and feedback.

Discussions on current topics in case management led by experienced group facilitators who strive to foster collaborative learning and growth.

Questions? nonclinicalcm@hecma.org

HECMA Connections Program

This program strengthens the connection between HECMA members as a virtual space to share ideas, resources, and feedback.

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