HECMA’s 5 for Friday


  1. You’ve got Talent.

    The strengths and talents you possess are an excellent fit for HECMA at this point in its growth. HECMA Leadership is a great way to not only expand the skills you possess but develop new abilities that will enhance your value to the profession and your college or university.

  2. You are a Role Model.

    HECMA Leadership is a way to bring your years of combined experience in, and maybe out of, higher education to the benefit of others. Your commitment and passion for the field of higher education case management is part of the thoughtful leadership and mentorship you will be able to share with others locally, regionally and nationally.

  3. You can Make a Difference.

    Being part of an association that is influencing the professional development and best practice of a burgeoning field in higher education can be pretty heady stuff. And immensely satisfying. Running for an elected position also raises your profile and that of your institution, which can help you engage stakeholders and influencers on your home court.

  4. You are a natural Ambassador.

    Being a part of the HECMA Leadership Team means building new friendships and relationships with peers across North America. The Association thrives when successful networks among peer associations, national professional groups, and like-minded corporate affiliates are developed.

  5. Leadership Team is Fun.

    Taking on a leadership role at the national level will not only be challenging, but will help you grow in new ways; both as a person and a leader. Regular work with energized colleagues (both on leadership and in committees) enhances your individual work, your network of support, and your sense of irony and humor. The friendships formed through this group are life changing and long lasting.