HECMA Internship

The HECMA Graduate Student Internship provides a paid professional development opportunity for one graduate student in the area of higher education case management. The intern will assist with various aspects of HECMA’s organizational initiatives, including the planning and execution of the annual conference in the summer. This paid internship opportunity operates full-time (30-40 hours a week) from May – July, and has the opportunity to be invited to remain on part-time during August – April. The intern reports directly to the Association’s president and will also be expected to work closely with the 10 leadership team members. Any questions about this opportunity can be directed via email to the HECMA President at

Please note that this internship does not serve as a clinical practicum site.


HECMA Intern Position Description:

The HECMA Graduate Student Internship provides a professional development opportunity for a graduate student in the area of higher education case management. The intern will assist with various aspects of HECMA’s organizational initiatives throughout the year as well as assist with the planning and execution of the annual conference in June. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct support to the leadership team on various initiatives throughout the year
  • Engage with the planning, execution, and evaluation of HECMA conference and other initiatives supported by HECMA.
  • Assist in the development of education and resources for new and current HECMA members including the creation of training videos, webinars, welcome documents.
  • Continue and support the ongoing update of current available resources, both clinical and non-clinical, such as resource library.
  • Provide support to committees through the form of communication, conference call planning, and various other initiatives of each committee.
  • Support Director of Marketing and Communications and the committee in promoting HECMA representation on various platforms, such as social media.
  • Perform conference assessment and follow-up through Whova application.
  • Work with Director of Membership and Recruitment to support new member recruitment, engagement, and retention.
  • Provide support as seen appropriate for Regional Drive-Ins
  • Assist in creating the Annual Report

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Attend and participate in all conference-related meetings and activities.
  • Serve as secretary for annual leadership team meeting which occurs the day before pre-conference sessions.
  • Assist in conference on-site preparation including gathering materials, registration, set up, pre-conference sessions, and session coordination
  • Offer individualized support to keynote speakers and upper level administrators to ensure a positive HECMA conference experience
  • Coordinate conference volunteer communication, confirmation, and check-in during the conference. 
  • Assist with coordination and communication of conference updates through various platforms, for example Whova.
  • Support and coordinate sponsors or vender set up of information tables. 
  • Assist with coordination of CEUs through working with VP of Conference and Events and Clinical Case Manager at Large
  •  Provide conference assistance to HECMA conference committee and leadership team as deemed appropriate by supervisor.

Ongoing Responsibilities:

  • Serve as secretary through scribing meetings, supporting communication between members and leadership team, and assisting with coordination of financial documents
  • Serve as support to the HECMA president and leadership team as a whole. 
  • Evaluate resources and communication in order to promote professionalism and quality.

Meet Our 2019 Intern


In 2019 we were supported by Ansley Long, who has chronicled her experiences working with HECMA on her student site. You can visit her student site here.

Ansley writes, “Upon deciding to enroll in the College Student Affairs Administration (CSAA) program at the University of Georgia, I accepted an assistantship in Student Care and Outreach, where I first discovered the field of Higher Education Case Management. While serving in this position, my supervisor introduced me to HECMA, and I was then given the opportunity to serve as the organization’s first intern! Through working with the leadership team, attending the annual conference in Cleveland, OH, and living in Winston-Salem, NC, my interest in this area of Student Affairs and Higher Education was affirmed. Since then, I have accepted a full-time job at the University of Georgia as a Student Affairs Case Manager. In this role, I offer comprehensive care to students with a variety of concerns and coordinate individualized interventions that support their success. Additionally, I provide support to the Embark@UGA program, a campus based initiative which supports students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness. As I look back, I am thankful for the role that HECMA and its members have played in my professional development over the last year. As graduation approaches in May, I look forward to continuing to contribute and grow with HECMA & through this area of higher education!”