Conference – Schedule

HECMA is utilizing the WHOVA application for the 2021 Conference schedule. Learn more by clicking below.

HECMA Schedule


FAQ for Attendees

HECMA is using Whova, a web-based event management solution, as our virtual conference platform for the virtual conference this year.  This platform contains the content that you will need to fully experience all components of the virtual event. Whova may be accessed by signing into the event website from a desktop/laptop computer or mobile device (phone, tablet) with a username and password. If you do not have a Whova account, you may create one through the event website or app. 

Whova is the meeting “home base” and allows you to access sessions, documents, feedback surveys and networking features all in one place. Zoom is our workshop platform and is required to see and hear the live workshops. Your access to the Zoom session will be through Whova. 

How do I join or participate in the meeting? 

HECMA 2021 takes place from Monday, June 14th to Friday, June 18th. The timing of sessions is listed in your local timezone. To join the meeting, reference the registration confirmation message for the event link or go to the event homepage at:

  1. If you have a Whova account, log-in by entering your e-mail address (username) and password and clicking on Sign-in. If you need assistance recovering your username or password, click on Forgot your password?
  2. If you do not have a Whova account, create one by clicking on Sign up here and following the instructions to create an account. Once your account is created, make note of your username and password and log into Whova by following step 1.

Log into the meeting using the same credentials (username and password) you registered to create an account with Whova. Logging into the meeting will give you access to information that will help you plan your agenda and access the workshops from your laptop or computer. 

Whova is the meeting “home base” and allows you to access workshops, documents, feedback surveys and networking features all in one place. Zoom is our streaming platform and is required to see and hear the live presentations. The Zoom meeting links will be provided for each workshop. You will be able to see the Zoom link for your session (live or recorded) 10 minutes before it begins. 

We highly recommend that you test your login credentials before June 14th. Save the event link to your bookmarks/favorites for easy access. If you have any issues, send an email to and  

How do I access the agenda? 

Once you have logged in, you should see the home page. The home page contains the main navigation bar and menu that allow you to navigate through the Whova. Click on “Agenda” on the main navigation bar on the left side of the page on the website or on the lower navigation bar on the mobile app to access the workshop schedule. 

How do I participate in a workshop or session? 

Once you’ve logged into the meeting, go to the Agenda menu to view the event itinerary. Click on View Session to access event information, then click on the “Live Stream” or “Recorded Session” links to access the presentation. For General Sessions, you will view the presentation in Whova. For Symposia and Roundtable sessions, the link will send you to a Zoom meeting room. The Zoom session will launch in a new window or tab. When the session is over, exit the Zoom by “Leaving” the meeting and navigate back to Whova.

Is any particular type of device or browser recommended to optimize my meeting experience?

It is strongly recommended that you participate in the meeting via the web app using a computer (desktop or laptop) in order to have an enhanced experience. The Whova event platform works best using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Safari is typically the least stable for the most up-to-date content. 

What are the system requirements to participate in the meeting and/or how do I ensure I can connect with no problem

Workshops will be facilitated through Zoom. If you are not a current user of Zoom, or you will be using a different computer to participate, it’s strongly encouraged that you perform a test to ensure you have Zoom access. For the best audio and video experience, the most important factor is a strong internet connection. WiFi or a direct ethernet cable connection will both work as long as you have a strong signal. Keep in mind that the closer you are to your router, the faster your internet connection will be. 

The minimum recommended internet speed specifications are noted below:

  • Download: 2-10 mbps (megabits per second) 
  • Upload: 3-5 mbps (megabits per second) 

You can check your internet speed with the following link: A wired connection is the best option for the fastest internet speed, but also keep in mind, the closer you are to your router, the faster your internet connection will be.

Check your security settings on your computer to make sure Whova and Zoom are allowed to access your camera and microphone. You can also contact Whova support at

Can I share my conference access link or login credentials with others? 

You should not share your conference access link or credentials with others. Just like an in-person meeting, registrations are for one person only. The registration provides a single sign-on secure experience for an individual user. 

If I cannot participate in some of the sessions, is it possible to access the workshops or materials at another time?

The workshops will be recorded and made available to meeting participants. Recordings will be made available using the Whova platform. A communication will be sent to participants when the recording is available for access

Will session materials (handouts and/or slides) be available to participants? 

Links to workshop materials will be provided to meeting participants once available.

Where can I find information about Continuing Education (CE) credits?

Please reference the document called “HECMA CE Information” in the documents section of the Whova app.