Webinar Series

Part of HECMA’s mission is to provide members with resources to advance recommended practices, knowledge, and research in order to promote and enhance the well-being of our campus communities. In line with this mission, we offer webinars for the professional development of our members. Free for members, these scheduled webinars are a wonderful and affordable way to enhance your professional development and advance your institution’s practices related to case management.

Past webinars are available in the HECMA Library. If there is a topic you would like to see featured as a webinar, you would like to offer a webinar, or you have any questions, please contact us via email at training@hecma.org.

Past webinar topics have included:

  • Case Management 101
  • Use of individual and group therapeutic interventions with high-risk clients in a college setting
  • Assessing student learning through the medical leave process
  • Making the most of parental involvement
  • Student Conduct basics for case managers
  • How to make more effective referrals

Scheduled webinars are listed below. If there are none currently listed, stay tuned!