Suzie Baker (she/her)

What has being involved in HECMA done for you?

HECMA is an amazing organization that has worked tirelessly to professionalize higher education case management by creating CAS standards for the field, establishing best practices, and building an incredible community of members who in and of themselves are valuable resources. HECMA has provided a platform for continuous learning and growth so I am able to execute my work better. Given the challenging times we’ve experienced, this organization has consistently been key to implementing innovative ways we can serve our students in adaptable ways. My involvement with HECMA has afforded me access to incredible resources that have helped me serve students experiencing any number of unanticipated and challenging circumstances. It’s also provided me tremendous affirmation that the work that we do is both enormously hard and sometimes ambiguous, but always worth it in the end.

What is your favorite thing about HECMA?

This organization started a little over ten years ago with less than 100 members. Since then it has grown to over 700 but it still feels like home. It is a tight knit, caring community, comprised of individuals who are committed to the HECMA mission and to helping each other. I can always turn to other members for support and ideas. It is truly one of the most practical and solution-focused organizations I’ve ever experienced and I value how accessible and connected to one another the members seem to be, regardless of how much we’ve grown.