Roundtable Update #3: “Having a Tangible Impact”


As a feature activity for Roundtable 2016, we are implementing a silent auction. We as members of HECMA benefit so much from the knowledge, networking, and relationship-building at the Roundtable each year and some of us have been feeling like it’s time to give back even a small portion of what we receive from our membership in this group. To that end, we are reintroducing a Philanthropic Event into the Roundtable; an idea implemented at the 2014 Roundtable in Tucson, Arizona.

All proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to the Virginia Tech Foundation; an organization chosen because the tragedy at Virginia Tech is but one of the events that have shaped the development of our field and the future of higher education. We 100% believe that this event and this philanthropy is the start of a lasting legacy for our organization.

Leadership Team members are each working to secure items for our silent auction, but we need your help. We are seeking a variety of items for the auction and are confident that some of you might have connections to items that would be quite popular at this event. As examples, so far we have secured signed books from leading authors in the field of higher education and a beautiful piece of art. Our goal is to raise $1,000 and we are more likely to reach or surpass our goal with a large number of items available for bidding.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Gift certificates to national chains for restaurants, spas/massages, etc.
  • Themed baskets
  • Institutional “swag”- clothing items, etc.
  • Art- that can go in a suitcase or be mailed to the recipient
  • Upscale dining experiences (again, at a national chain)
  • Music or sports memorabilia
  • Entertainment tickets

If you have any suggestions or connections for possible items, or have an item to donate, please contact us at

Thank you in advance for supporting this event!

Katherine C. Zilmer
Membership & Conference Chair
Senior Assistant Dean of Students
BIT Case Manager
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Office of the Dean of Students