Roundtable Update #2: “Featured Panel Presentations”

Those of you who are able to attend this year’s Roundtable will have the fortune of learning from the experts within our ranks about a variety of topics. We will be featuring some abstracts in the weeks leading up to the Roundtable to give you a better idea of the wonderful sessions you can attend.

This week we are pleased to share abstracts for our two highlighted sessions; panels featuring experts to talk with our attendees about student homelessness and post-incident response. We look forward to seeing you in June!

FEATURED PANEL: Case Management Reflections on Post-Incident Response


  • Brian Haynes, Moderator, Vice President for Student Affairs, California State University, San Bernadino
  • Alysson Satterlund, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, California State University, San Bernadino
  • Sandra Vasquez, Associate Dean of Students, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jennifer Henkle, Assistant Dean of Students and Case Manager, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Angela Andrade, Associate Dean, Wellness Services, University of California, San Diego
  • Dana Juntunen, Executive Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities & Assistant Dean of Students, University of Central Florida

Universities and colleges continue to adapt to a changing national landscape in which terrorism and active shootings have become an unfortunate norm impacting our campuses. Our panelists will share the role case management played in responding to the community effect of the Isla Vista and Chattanooga shootings, the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, and the foiled campus massacre at the University of Central Florida. Panelists will share lessons learned and offer suggestions for preparing for similar emergencies in your community.

FEATURED PANEL: Addressing Student Homelessness on a College Campus


  • Angela Newland, Care Manager, Student Care Services, University of Central Florida
  • Todd Currie, AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Alicia Keaton, Director of Student Financial Assistance, University of Central Florida
  • Kelly D’Agostino, Senior Controller, University of Central Florida

Student homelessness on a college campus is a growing problem. Student homelessness on college campuses is a growing problem across the nation. The University of Central Florida has cultivated a multi-disciplinary approach to help best serve the needs of students centering on case management and the Homeless Student Committee. Participants will learn about case management of homeless students from start to finish including: the student of concern process, financial aid and student account procedures, key partnerships on campus, and how to build support for your office. Initiatives and future directions for this population will also be discussed in this panel presentation.

The HECMA Leadership Team and the Conference Planning Group believe these panels will enrich not only our conference experience but also enhance and inform our work. We are thankful for the willingness of our panelists to share their wisdom and strength.

Posted by:
Katherine C. Zilmer
Membership & Conference Chair