Roundtable Update #1: “By The Numbers”

It’s hard to believe, but we are deep into the planning of our 8th annual Roundtable! Because we have a significant number of new HECMA members, we will be sharing information about the Roundtable every few weeks via our blog. Please check back frequently for new and updated information!

This week, we are pleased to feature the Roundtable by numbers:

2: The number of pre-conference sessions offered at this years’ Roundtable.

2: The number of featured sessions at this years’ Roundtable.

3: The number of invited speakers at this years’ Roundtable.

8: The Roundtable is in its’ 8th year! (Virginia Tech, University of Tennessee, University of Michigan, Iowa State, University of California- Los Angeles, University of Arizona, Emory University, & the University of Central Florida)

18: As of 2/17, we already have members registered to attend the Roundtable from 18 states across the US!

30: As of 2/17, we have members registered to attend the Roundtable from 30 different institutions!

31: The total number of sessions at this years’ Roundtable.

127: Number of days until we meet in Orlando!

160: The number of attendees we’re hoping will join us this year in Orlando.

$175: The cost for a member to register for the Roundtable.

$1,000: The amount of money we’re hoping to donate to the Virginia Tech Foundation through our raffle/silent auction (if you would like to donate anything from your institution or community, please contact Katherine at

Please remember that space is limited for both pre-conference sessions and the campus tour so if you are planning to take advantage of one of them, be sure to register soon!

Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you in Orlando!

Katherine C. Zilmer
Membership & Conference Chair