Leadership Team 2022 Elections – Candidate Information

Review the candidate information and vote below. Voting closes June 10.

Director of Communications and Marketing

Megan Higginbotham

Texas A&M University


How have your personal and professional experiences prepared you for the position you seek?

I have served in this role for the past two years and have seen an increase in overall communication and social media engagement. I’ve utilized my skills in WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign, and Canva. I am a dependable and responsible team member. Additionally, I have supported the efforts of the Conference Committee by creating graphics, pushing social media, and supporting logistics.

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's mission and vision .

I hope to continue to expand the reach of the organization and maximize their connectedness to the organization. Since the global pandemic, online communication is more important than ever. This year, I supported the Annual Conference efforts by identifying special populations, like HBCUs, to invite. I hope to continue in these efforts so we can expand membership while diversifying our organization.

Additionally, I aim to continue to increase our reach in our social media and online presence.


Alicia Talbird

University of Georgia


How have your personal and professional experiences prepared you for the position you seek?

I feel that my 3 years of experience on the HECMA leadership team as the Clinical Case Manager At Large have prepared me well for the role of president. During that time I led the clinical committee and supported them in completing many successful projects such as our clinical case manager orientation, focus groups, monthly “Clinical Fridays.” I was also an active participant in our leadership team and worked with that team to foster the growth and success of our professional organization working with them on developing our HECMA strategic plan, budget planning and monitoring, planning for our annual conference, membership and recruitment, etc. In my time I also was able to serve as one of HECMA’s 2 representatives for the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. My time working with CAS allowed me to also get exposure and learn more about the processes of other professional organizations. That variety in my experiences that I can draw from when considering the needs of HECMA will be very helpful.

Outside of my work with HECMA I feel that my time at my institution has offered me many opportunities to look at the broader organizational needs and introduce new programs, refine systems already in process and act as an expert to my counseling and health centers when it comes identifying and responding to the case management and treatment needs of our students.
Lastly, while most of my work in HECMA was acting as a clinical case manager, I have spent a considerable amount of my time in my career with a focus on collaboration between clinical and nonclinical partners. I am going to be moving to nonclinical position and feel that will allow me to personally identify with all HECMA members regardless of their clinical or nonclinical roles.

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's mission and vision .

I have been impressed and proud of the growth and development that has occurred in HECMA since my joining in 2016. In this role, my first focus would be to continue to foster that growth and remain connected to our members to determine how our organization can best serve and meet the needs of HECMA members.

Additionally, I specifically also would hope to continue to give focus and energy to supporting the goals of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. I am grateful for the commitment the organization has made to DEI and feel that it is important to continue to express and stay on course with that commitment. As our field of higher education case management continues to increase our awareness and efforts toward multicultural competence and practice it is important that our organization continue to foster that growth for our members. Additionally, as the professional home for higher ed case management it is imperative that our organization continue to work to offer an inclusive environment for all of our members, especially those part of oppressed and marginalized populations.
Finally, in this role I would strive to continue to help HECMA become and remain the organization that is defining what higher education case management is and where the energy and resources within the field should be directed. I hope to continue to help this community to grow in order to create space for us to foster relationships and collaboration across all of our regions and in order to become a well known and sought-after organization for new and experienced case managers in higher education.