Bylaws Revision Voting 2022

Bylaws Revision Voting 2022

In the last three years, different members of the Leadership Team have discussed a reorganization of the Leadership Team. Based on feedback from current and former Leadership Team members, current and former members of HECMA, and through working with an outside consultant, we are proposing changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Members will see that the majority of changes revolve around the structure and membership of the Leadership Team and the eligibility to be a part of that team. Members have long felt that the Leadership Team was insular and isolated from the larger membership. To combat that, the Leadership Team has become smaller in order to broaden the responsibilities and opportunities for the standing committees and their leaders. Additionally, we are proposing that we remove the requirement that the President be a member of the Leadership Team for two years prior to running for the position. We have many members positively contributing to our organization and the field, and we feel it is important to reduce obstacles to leadership. The proposed Leadership Team structure is as follows:


Vice President of Finance and Operations

Vice President for Conference and Special Events

Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Director of Clinical Case Manager Membership and Benefits

Director of Nonclinical Case Manager Membership and Benefits


We are also proposing other substantial changes to the corporate sponsorship levels. In 2020, the membership approved new membership levels that eliminated the Associate membership level, and added membership as a benefit to certain levels of corporate sponsorship. We have outlined sponsorship levels to reflect similar sponsorship packages in our peer organizations. Our hope is that these sponsorship levels, which include membership and access to our members, will create a new revenue stream to support additional training opportunities and membership benefits.

If you would like to review the revisions as tracked in the current Constitution and Bylaws click here.

Log in below and vote on these proposed revisions. A “Yes” vote indicates that you are in favor of changing the bylaws as proposed. A “No” vote indicates that you are voting not to change the bylaws as proposed. An “Abstain” vote means that you decline to vote either in favor of or against the proposed changes.

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