Beyond Self Care

Emotional labor provided by Case Managers is a part of providing necessary interventions for individuals in distress and supports institutional missions regarding wellness, belonging, and equity. But what are the consequences of sustained emotional labor on professionals in the helping field? Research about the impact of burnout on the psychosomatic well-being of helping professionals focuses primarily on the individual level rather than the organizational level.

Below are resources provided from a discussion on October 26, 2021 on the prevention of Case Manager burnout through what we call “institutional care.” Institutional care refers to organizational policies and practices that can shape the experiences of Case Managers to proactively support their wellness. Importantly, institutional care means that measures seek to see beyond the short term and that those measures outlast the people who implemented the practice.

Beyond Self Care Discussing Institutional Care for Case Managers

HECMA Summary of Institutional Care Discussions

Beyond Self Care Session Citations

2-CSI Institutional Support Draft Language